The Healthy Edit – My daily menu

healthy2Over the past two years I have been on a mission to change my lifestyle- Eat better, exercise more, lose weight, tone up and all that jazz, And in doing so- I have found that my biggest fall out is my eating ( I know ground breaking right?!). However when I say my eating is bad- its not in a typical sense, more of in the way that I have a habit of eating well but eating too much or eating well and then snacking too much throughout the day. Both of which I have found to hinder my goals almost as much as if i was just eating junk food!

So to combat this I have made myself a daily guide to follow- A Menu- if you will, to ensure that I am eating enough of the right foods but not over eating. So lets just jump into what I eat in a day.IMAG0350

Breakfast: The Most important meal of the day! or so I’m told.
Usually I start my days at the gym ( healthy right ūüėČ ), so I like quick and easy for on the go!
This normally entails a piece of vegemite or peanut butter toast- but lately I have been loving 2 wheetbix with a little bit of milk and a very tiny amount of raw sugar to sweeten. This is very high in fibre and it just keeps me going for the start of my day!


Morning Tea: The meal that keeps you going! Those who have a little more class might call it Brunch ūüôā
As I normally have breakfast quiet early in the morning and usually do a pretty intense workout (because what other why to workout is their;) )- by mid morning I tend to be hungry again.

I love to snack on fruit and greek yoghurt with muesli! My favourite fruits for mixing into my yoghurt are strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, while my favourite muesli is Table of Plenty vanilla almond flavour.

I tend to be very picky with my greek yoghurt and Tamar valley is actually the best I have ever tried- they IMAG0355come in a range of flavours which are super, they don’t have too much sugar and BONUS- they are Australian made, which is awesome!! But honestly – you can use whatever greek yoghurt you like as i know it comes down to personal preference!

Lunch: When leftovers take over!
For lunch on a normal day- I tend just to have leftovers!
When I cook at niIMAG0352ght I will always make enough to have two extra meals for myself and my fianc√© for lunch the next day- this ensures that I’m not wasting food by throwing away leftovers and also we are saving money by not having to buy lunches at work!
For today’s lunch I had a lamb sausage, half a baked potato and steamed fresh vegetables : peas, corn, carrots, beans, broccoli and cauliflower! which I buy from my local fruit store.

Dinner: The meal that sets the pace for the rest of the night (and the following lunch)IMAG0364#1
For dinner- it obviously changes every night but my goals are to try and get as much nutrition into a simple and quick meal as I can- but still taste yummy!
So for today’s dinner I made chicken pesto pasta with vegetables- which is super healthy, a little bit spicy and REALLY yummy!

Snacks: My Downfall
This is where I occasionally run off the track.                                 When I get into the mainframe tIMAG0353hat I have eaten well all day and I can treat myself, and sometimes YES I can but I like to keep some healthy options just in case!
So with that thought in mind I usually try and snack on nuts- cashews are my favourite but I also love almonds- or I will snack on a protein bar or a healthy muesli bar! This one is from ALDI but Im still trying to find a favourite bar so I tend to switch them out!

& that is my daily menu! Its what I have found to be most effective in my weightless and eating on the straight and narrow, obviously I have cheat meals and I do mix it up regularly to keep me interested, but overall this is what makes me feel full, happy and healthy!

Thankyou for tuning in! Please let me know what your favourite healthy snack bars are- I’m always open for recommendations!

Stay tuned for my next post! & Have a fantastic day!

Xx Jess xX

P.S If your interested in seeing more information about my weightless journey- check out my youtube channel where I have posted a few videos on my tips and what I found helped me!


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