The outfit edit #1

I’m a very simple girl when it comes to fashion- I am an admirer of those who have the confidence to dress in outrageous outfits and really embrace fashion trends, but overall I am a lover of comfy, chic, simple and usually monochrome, all of which this outfit embodies! ThIMAG0420is is my first outfit edit post, hopefully one of many- which I endeavour to continue while I explore my own individual style!

Today’s outfit was chosen with the mindfulness that it had to be easily removable…MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER- it was my wedding dress fitting, which entailed many tireless hours in a tiny dressmakers shop surrounded my irritable bridesmaids in uncomfortable shoes!

But at the end of the day, we were all fitted and now awaiting final alterations to be made- to well worth the wait!

Now onto the pieces in the outfit!

My top is an oversized monochrome tunic blouse which I paired with plain black leggings from Kmart. To add some worth to the outfit I also threw on my Levis leather jacket from the Citadel outlets in Los Angeles. For shoes I put on a pair of leather look booties with buckle details from an public desire online boutique.

This outfit covered all four of my requirements when dressing and gave me the ease of slipping in and out for my fittings!

Thankyou so much for tuning in! I hope your having an amazing day!

Xo Jess oX


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