A Promise to Spin

About 3 months ago I went to my first spin class & I think it has changed my life, now i know right now your probably like – Jess, who cares- its an exercise class with bikes that causes large amounts of buttock pain- get over it. But in all honesty, when I left the class that Sunday morning I left an addict with a new frame of mind.

I have always been a bigger fan of cycling then I was of running, I have short legs, never had that much endurance or stamina for running and honestly I liked being able to sit on my backside while still working out, its overall a win/win scenario, so to me it didn’t make sense to go to class when i could just sit on my exercise bike and cycle my way to nice legs, right?

But for whatever reason that Sunday morning, I decided to drag my ass out of bed and go to my first ever spin class – fortunately for me I was able to drag my friend along with me to endure what I thought was going to be a ass numbing (pun intended) class but I had been making an effort to try more classes at the gym – Im paying for em right, so why not?

So we rocked up to a full class, and managed to snag the last two bikes in the corner, the instructor showed us how to measure for our handle bars and seat and off we went – well its a stationary bike we didn’t really go far ;).

As the class warmed up and got into its first few tracks I really started to find a rhythm in the moments, the climb, the speed tracks and the resistance tracks and honestly starting enjoying myself (ignoring my ever growing pain the backside – those seats are not made for comfort by any means) and by the end of the class i found myself disappointed that is was over, and proud that I had made it through without dying!!

From that class forward, every Sunday morning I would drag myself out of bed and too the class, where I would leave sweaty and refaced and always in a good mood, but wanting more! My gym only runs 2 morning spin classes a week and evening just don’t suit me with my work schedule, so I discussed with my fiancé (now husband) the chance of me getting myself a spin bike for home & today that finally happened!

Today I became the lucky owner of the lifespan premium SP-550 spin bike! & honestly I can’t wait to use it! SP550_03_display

Today’s post is a promise that I am making to myself & to all of my readers that I will not only use this bike, but I will use it regularly and religiously! I will dedicate myself to more sweaty and endurance driven rides and to hopefully a new me!

If you guys are interested in purchasing a spin bike then I highly recommend lifespan fitness, they have an online store lifespanfitness.com.au where they sell exercise equipment at wholesale prices!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, stay tuned for wedding and honeymoon photos!

Jess xox

& Tell me

Whats your favourite type of exercise?


2 thoughts on “A Promise to Spin

  1. mwainste says:

    Way to go! That’s a serious compliment to your teacher as well, everyone has different styles so it’s great that the first class you went to really spoke to you! I’m a spin teacher in my town and post my playlists on my blog if you’re looking for something to jam out to while riding your new bike! Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • MsJessLouise says:

      Thankyou so much! yeas i absolutely love my spin teacher she is honestly so lovely but motivational and it just makes you want to go harder and go back every week! I will definitely check out your playlist! I’m always looking for pump me up music to listen to while I’m riding! Thank you!!


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