The Snapshot Wedding Edition

On the 2nd of May I woke up a fiancé, in my childhood room at my parents house, in a house full of girls ( & my poor dad) and excitement – because today I was going to become a wife. 

This day was a day full of so much love and happiness, along with laughter and tears & I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. I don’t have my professional photos yet, only some snapshots from my mother in laws & my husbands godfathers & friends cameras, but I wanted to put them up regardless as i wanted to share this special moment in my life with you all.

I believe that a picture is worth 1000 words, so here are a few that highlight a day that will forever be so special to me ❤

1610921_10206813375676797_6986039724634589493_n 10407913_10153015293818778_923094696904233463_n 10561727_10206644114805341_38942582979963486_n 10858491_10203313678677324_5194576813983695950_n10665749_10153772668904688_5310943344494923834_n  11046331_1586004364988203_4565531470589920969_n 11072251_10153772640259688_8285113800398238860_n11144932_10153585307118488_3488271637466960481_n 11150627_10153772653234688_3835214121673192031_n 11175018_10207028502899609_3110371660782912648_n 11182073_10206668278329414_4788840672917128217_n11201901_10153772653139688_1217604828468748744_n 11203175_10153018585923778_3910083255009762942_n11206135_1586285268293446_3972281374394617196_n11183454_1586284341626872_8717541802431343467_n11188363_10153015293723778_6825383636276650553_n11183449_10153018586003778_8182629638359927658_n11205022_1586003864988253_6757640230666858291_n11205625_10153772640269688_2055785738243507608_nWe couldn’t be more grateful for all my family and friends that made our day so amazing & I hope you enjoyed having a little snapshot into our wedding

Love Jess xoxo


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