Feeling Sick & Spendy


This past weekend I was hit with the motherload of all colds – 4 of the 8 people in my office came down with the flu and all came into work coughing and spluttering and sharing their germs, and low and behold by the time I went to bed on Friday night I was sick as a dog. So of course, the best way to feel better is to do some retail therapy!

I went into a few stores: Priceline, H&M and Chemist warehouse, while also receiving some AMAZING gifts from my friend Maddy aswell by way of Sephora and Morphe!FullSizeRender-5

The place that started it all was of course Priceline – for those of you who aren’t Australian, Priceline is a drugstore which stocks mostly beauty products. While in the store, we found they were having a massive sale on perfume, and proceeded to pick up a Juicy Couture perfume for myself (because i look like crap but I can smell beautiful right?)  & a Guess perfume for my husband- whose birthday is coming up in July.


Covergirl was also having a sale $10 for all eye and lip products (and who can say no to a sale like that!) I had heard Rachel from Rachhloves talk about these eyeshadow quads and i thought, if Rachel raves about them- i will give them a go…and proceeded to pick up not 1…but 2 quads! Oh and I didn’t stop there, I also picked up a mascara- because why not right?


Finally in priceline I went past the maybelline stand and saw the fit me concealer in shade 15, which is of course my shade and is of course ALWAYS sold out, so i quickly snatched it off the shelves at a speed that would probably rival the flash and in doing so saw the brow drama eyebrow gel on sale and just had to see what the fuss was about with coloured brow gels as I myself have always been a pencil or powder girl.

Next I stumbled into H&M – by accident of course…and was looking for a hat- which unfortunately I wasn’t able to find one that suited my head shape, but while i was in there i picked up 2 knitted headbands which have now become quite an obsession, and a 2 pack of gloves to keep my fingers warm in this freezing weather.

FullSizeRender-3 & my final destination, which in turn ended my shopping spree, was actually chemist warehouse, who was having 50% off all cosmetics- which in my opinion was too good of a deal to say no to. I picked up the maybelline fit me stick foundation, which has intrigued me for awhile and at $7, why not give it a go, i also found 2 of the rimmel apocalips matte lips sticks (not pictured) and snatched those up aswell & my last purchase was the Johnsons baby shampoo- for my makeup brushes to be baby soft!

& While those were all my purchases, as i said i was also gifted some wonderful makeup from my friend Maddy. She had a friend who visited a sephora in the US who managed to get me the 24 hour liquid eyeliner in the most beautiful baby blue colour, aswell as one of the cluster matte lipsticks in magenta luster. I was also lucky enough to receive not 1 but 2 of the morphe eyeshadow palettes, including the Jaclyn Hill palette, and 3 eye brushes, which was so amazing and such a surprise and I couldn’t (and can’t) thank her enough! I will be doing a full post on these soon, so stay tuned for some beautiful pictures!

&Thats the end of my haul! Have you guys ever felt sick so you spend money to feel better?

What have you bought lately?

Thankyou for reading

Jess xo


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