Healthy Protein Balls – Sugar free & Super Yummy!

protein balls

Im not going to lie, i think my greatest fault is snacking, i will eat the healthiest main meals but throughout the day i find myself snacking on things I’m not supposed to and that is where i think i go wrong. So I have made it my mission to find healthy snack recipes for my to eat throughout the day and not feel so guilty for!

Chocolate has never been something I have ever craved or wanted to eat but recently I have been finding myself snacking on little squares of chocolate – which in moderation is fine but honestly everyday is probably not the best for my waistline!

So while on my search I discovered a number of recipes including dates, which at first did not appeal to me but after a while I thought – Why not give it a go?

So I decided I would make chocolate date protein balls and i am honestly obsessed with them!


The recipe is really simple and as you guys can see it doesn’t have that many ingredients and they are all natural. You can of course also omit the protein powder if you don’t want them to be protein based. I also added dark cocoa powder to make them even more chocolatey.

Basically I crushed about 1/3 cup of cashes cashews and then blended 1/2 cup dates until they were a caramel brown colour! I then mixed as much of the other ingredients as i wanted in with the dates and rolled them into balls and refrigerated them and thats it!

They are so and healthy and honestly have been snacking on them heaps!

Let me know if you guys have a healthy snack you enjoy?

LOVE Jess xx


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