Food Journal – Healthy Favourites of the week

I love food – it is plain and simple, I love the way it feels to look forward to your favourite foods and finally get the satisfaction after eating them. I LOVE turning recipes that maybe aren’t so healthy into things that are much better for me – it honestly just makes things more enjoyable knowing that they more nutritious and less “bad” for me. I also love to take pictures of my food, especially when I am eating something that looks particularly pretty or yummy on the plate, and i often share this food with my poor instagram followers (msjesslouise is my username if you wanted food updates more regularly).

So I thought I would make it a habit to post updates on the food I have been preparing and loving at the moment. If you guys want recipes for anything that I post, please let me know in the comments! I am always happy to share my meals and snack recipes for all the food lovers of the world!

IMAG0117 IMAG0198 IMAG0203 IMAG0215 IMAG0216 IMAG0270 IMAG0277 IMG_20150811_095821

IMAG0249| Healthy French Toast | Satay Chicken Lettuce Cups | Homemade Chilli Con Carne Nachos | Baked Crumbed Fish & Vegies | Fruit Salad | 2 Ingredient Pancakes | Yoghurt, Fruit & Granola | Overnight Oats | Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Whats your favourite guilty pleasure food? Mine is definitely the chocolate chip cookies! Leave me a comment down below if you want me to try and give you a healthy recipe!

Thankyou for reading! Have a wonderful day!

Jess xx


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