Zucchini Spaghetti Zoodles

spiralite_WithAccessory_spiralzI have always been a big lover of carbs, bread, pasta you name it – I love it! however my waistline does not….

I have always been a girl who found it difficult to lose weight and incredibly easy to put it on, I know first world problems! But as I have gotten older and more into health and fitness, I have found this inability/ difficulty to shift the weight to be utterly depressing and disheartening!

With that in mind I have been trying to reduce the amount of carbs I am eating on a daily basis (and reduce my snacking but the a whole other post on its own!). As a person who has carbs in every meal of her day, I think that it is well justified to try and reduce the amount I eat, while not cutting them out! I am not a believer in removing food groups from your diet!

Thus begun the struggle of trying to find recipes that weren’t boring and bland veggies and meat, and along the way I found the spiralizer, now if you haven’t heard of this contraption, don’t be alarmed, until I had done my research, neither had I! But the more I looked and researched the more appealing it sounded- something that could turn most common day vegetables into spaghetti noodles? really……I wasn’t sure of the investment so I just continued on my way with my bland meals of meat and vegetables.

Fast forward a few weeks and I had popped into Kmart to pick up something – god knows what I basically live in that store – and there it was, a spiralizer for about $15, and I thought well, this must be a sign and purchased it with the thought pattern that it was so cheap, if I hated it, it didn’t matter.

So the next night I used this device (which honestly looks like an instrument of torture, but is incredible easy to manoeuvre)
to create carrot and zucchini noodles, and put them in with my stirfry instead of noodles and honestly it was one of the best stirfries I have ever made! Even Hubby commented that it has a lot more flavour but was still just as filling!

So thus began a whirlwind kitchen romance of vegetable pasta and stir fry without the guilt! Tonight I had zucchini bolognese…and to be honest I think I liked it more than the traditional type (I know- Blasphemy!). So I thought I would share this new found kitchen love affair with you all!Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 6.42.27 pm

If you want some spiralizer recipes or have any I must try, Let me know in the comments!

We can all go on this health journey together!!

Thankyou so much for reading – i hope you are having a fantastic day!

Love Jess xx


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