Makeup Habits – Everyday?

IMAG0326IMAG0325Despite the fact that I am an avid beauty lover, who watches endless hours of beauty youtubers, has a reasonable makeup collection, spends way to much time in cosmetics stores and who has my own beauty youtube channel, I am not one to wear makeup everyday – In fact these are many days of the week that I enjoy being makeup free, because when I have someone to go or a special event, then I realise how much i love makeup all over again, as I find that I don’t get bored – this also means I use all of the makeup products I own, instead of just using a product once and never again.

I am all about embracing my natural skin – especially as a shift worker, there is no way I put makeup on overnight, my skin would just die….

But today was a day where I had plans to go out with a girlfriend and so i took my no makeup Monday selfie and then proceeded to apply my go-to easy and quick makeup.

I am all about earthy brown eyes and natural glow flushed skin, and that is the look I applied today for my girls day.

Do you wear makeup on a daily basis? or like me are you an avid lover and a occasional wearer?


Thankyou for reading

Love Jess xx


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