Night Shift Necessities – Survival at all hours


As a night shift nurse, I often find myself confronted with 3am, restless patients, very sleepy eyes and dull skin. This is an all to real reality for me on a regular basis and after a few months of night shift I think I have narrowed down the products that I honestly think (although I could live without them) make a huge difference in surviving night shift.

Although I end up carrying 10 other items in my always overflowing pockets, these are what I find is necessary for me to survive the night without going insane….

Obviously some of these are nurse specific but I tried to make them as generalised for all of you who struggle through the long shifts in the dark.

Milo & Travel Mug / Lipbalm / Watch / Tissues / Pen(s) -Normally like 5 / Highlighter / Perfume / MAC fix plus

Do you do shift work or pull all nighters? what are your essentials?

Thankyou for reading

Love Jess xx


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