Sneaky Zara Purchases – Off the shoulder? Off the shelves!

IMAG0366I have never been one to shop at Zara – now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Zara, the store is full of chic amazing clothes that just make me day dream about fashionista style outfits that in all honestly I don’t think i can pull off, but a girl can dream right? However as a 22 year old with a mortgage, Zara isn’t exactly in my budget most of the time, however (thanks to my youtube obsession) I have been eyeing up off the shoulder crop tops, particularly ones from Topshop, however thanks to Australians ridiculously outrageous price point, i was not prepared to pay $30 for one crop top, na ah, not gunna happen.

Anyway, although Zara isn’t generally in my price point, it is often in my window shopping plan, as like i said – the clothes are beautiful, So when I went out for lunch with a girlfriend of mine, we popped into Zara for a little browse through and some inspiration. As we wondered through i saw thes
e ADORABLE little crop tops, literally exactly what I had been eyeing up for weeks! So I sauntered over expecting to look at the price tag and cringe and was astounded by the quality and the amazing price tag ($12.99)!

I quickly picked up 3 of the 5 colours available and made my way to the cashier before anyone else could steal them from my hands (I know, exaggerated). I am even considering going back and picking up the last 2 colours because, to be honest, I am that obsessed!


Overall this little Zara purchase may be the dangerous beginning of a new love affair…

Have you found a bargain in a store you never thought you would?

thankyou for reading!

Love Jess



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