When you go in for milk & come out with aisle 1 – Healthy Grocery Haul


You know when you go out shopping for one thing, usually milk, bread, or something along those lines and you end up taking half of aisle 1 home with you? yeah well that was this shopping trip….

We went in with the initial plan of picking up some milk and bananas and maybe some apples if they were on special, and ended up leaving with a cart full of fruit, vegies and health foods to try out, although many of these are regulars in my shopping trolley, i thought it would be interesting to share what we picked up on a spurr of the moment grocery trip.
The red capsicum hummus and the corn chips were picked up with the intention of trying out a new snack, although i have never been a fan of hummus, I am a big lover of anything capsicum flavoured and was pleasantly surprised by  how much I actually enjoyed the taste, and the corn chips only had a few ingredients, which made them the perfect healthy snack- as there were literally no additives, hard to find in a chip product.
My husband had a craving for grain waves, and while they arnt the best for you, they are definitly better that the other alternatives in the chip aisle & they were on special…..
The Darrell Lea chocolate is honestly the best kind I could find in the supermarket, it has less than 0.1g of suger per 20g serving, which was 1/6th of the amount of even the best of the normal suparmarket brands – I picked it up in the baking aisle for double the price of regular chocolate, but who can put a price on your health and chocolate lovers everywhere (well apparantly Darrell Lea tried…)
Roasted and unsalted cashews are a love of mine, they often end up being the snack I reach for regularly and only really get picked up when they are on special, as generally- they are expensive!! We managed to pick them up for half price, which is a complete steal
Overall this shopping trip includes many of the regular staples in our diet and the whole trip totalled to about $52, which i think was very well priced.
Do you go into the supermarket for one thing and walk out with 20? or is it just me!
Thankyou for reading!
Love Jess

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