Appreciating what you have – Puppy panic


You never know how honestly frightening it is to imagine the concept of losing a loved one until your sitting in the waiting room awaiting test results. This afternoon this was an all to real reality when we had to rush my puppy to the emergency vet. I know many people will think that it is odd to call a dog a loved one but he is one of the things my husband and I love most in the world as we have no children of your own yet,  he is like our baby, so sitting waiting in the treatment room after they had taken our little fur baby away, being able to hear him cry from the back room and being told we have to wait for the results, was honestly unimaginably difficult, and it got me thinking – how little we cherish the things we love until they are threatened.

The statement “you don’t know what you until it’s gone” is used in many scenarios like this, and honestly it is my true belief we take things for granted in life unintentionally- we are so used to having something its a shock to the system when its gone.

After today’s scare I am going to make a conscious effort to show appreciation for what I have and be sure to have a few extra cuddles, a few more minutes of playtime and a few more nights of letting my little fur monster sleep in the bed with us.

Have you ever had a medical scare with a loved one? It may not be your puppy but a family member or a friend?

If this is a reality to you right this minute I send you all the love and prayers I can – because nobody should have to feel that way and be alone❤IMAG0294

Thank you for reading and sharing in my personal moments

Love Jess xx

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7 thoughts on “Appreciating what you have – Puppy panic

  1. annabankester says:

    Sending prayers your way. I know that exact feeling. Like you our dog is our very much a part of our family. She’s my baby. I don’t care how silly it sounds. This past spring we had to rush her to the emergency vet because she ate something (no idea what) and became very ill. She had to stay for 3 days getting treatment for her liver and an iv. I remember losing it in the waiting room. Cried my eyes out until I got to pick her up 3 days later. The days of not knowing how she was and if she’d be okay were torture. Luckily, after we picked her up, we brought her to her regular vet and they took her iv out and cleared her to come home with a months worth of medicine. She’s currently fully recovered and back to her silly self. I truly hope your pup has a good outcome. ♡ I definitely baby mine more now with bed cuddles and playtime.

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    • MsJessLouise says:

      I don’t think it is silly at all, that are lives swell and are no less important than human lives in my opinion, I’m so sorry you had to go through that but I’m happy to hear your little fur baby is well now ❤ the vet said he has a severe bacterial ear infection and has put him on antibiotics and said to get him checked out in 24 hours and again in 5 days but thankfully we were able to bring him home ❤ thank you so much for sharing your story – its lovely to hear we aren't the only crazy dog people 🙂 xx

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  2. annabankester says:

    Seems like ear infections like that are pretty common in dogs. My step mom’s had them all the time. At least it’s very treatable and your pups gonna be all better soon.

    Ya’ll are definitely not the only ones. Hell, we even have a credit card just for my dog’s vet trips now just in case. My in-laws talk about how spoiled my dog is but it’s nothing compared to some people I know.

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    • MsJessLouise says:

      Yeah thankfully he seems to be on the mend now! i think there is nothing wrong with spoiling them with love:) they love us unconditionally – its the least we can do! although i do think there are boundaries haha

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      • annabankester says:

        I’m so glad.

        Yeah, there are definitely boundaries. I can’t stand when people let them do whatever they want or eat nothing put people food. So bad for them. I’ll give mine some green beans or brocoli here and there but I’m not gonna buy her a cheese burger. I’ve seen people do that then they’re all upset cause the dog is so over weight and has liver failure even though they’ve been told not do that.

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