Holy Grail Beauty Products – Essentials


Holy grail product; the product being discussed is someone’s absolute favorite, something they swear by, and a perfect find.

I don’t have many products that I would consider Holy Grail – I have the opinion that to be able to label a product until such a prestigious title, it really has to “wow” me and be something I would consider to be difficult to live without. Thus why this post only includes products that I honestly believe are essential in my beauty regime. 


Dr Bronners Magic castille soap in rose: This product is well known in the beauty industry as a phenomenal makeup brush cleaner, and while I can attribute that it does a pretty good job of cleaning my brushes, it does a really amazing job of cleaning my skin. I don’t think I will ever be faithful to another cleanser again – it reduces acne, redness, irritation and it makes me skin feel smooth and clean.

Clarisonic Mia:
Along with my cleanser, this is probably what has made the biggest difference in my skincare routine, from Day 1 I have noticed a significant difference in the overall texture and appearance of my skin and I honestly could not recommend it enough! I do truly believe this is worth the money!

Witchhazel toner:
I have been using this products for upwards of 5+ years and have committed to using it probably for the rest of my life. This is amazing at helping to control acne and irritation on my skin, it cleans and tones without drying, and I actually notice a difference when I don’t use it. Absolutely necessary in my skincare routine.


Coconut oil: I have never been faithful to a haircare product, I always change them up always looking for the best product that does everything I want it to – except coconut oil. I use coconut oil in my cooking, in my skin/body care and most importantly in my haircare, using coconut oil as an overnight treatment once a week/fortnights means that my hair always feels at its best and has me getting compliments from every hairdresser I have ever met. If you haven’t tried coconut oil – why not? its affordable and honestly a hair miracle worker.

Scrunchie: This is an oldie but a goodie, way better than traditional hairties, these will keep your hair out of your face but will not pull or get caught in your hair like traditional elastics, plus they are super cute.

Wet brush: Something that I actually own 4 of….that is how much I think this brush makes a difference. It detangles and smoothes out the hair without pulling or tugging and best of all it is safe to us eon wet hair, because if you are as impatient as me….you need to brush your wet hair….


NYX taupe: An obvious favourite for anyone who knows me, the best contour colour you can find for fair skin, particularly if you have neutral or cool undertones, I gives the illusion of shadow…not a brown/ orange stripe- only downside is that it is nearly impossible to get a hold of in Australia and I am about to run our of mine 😦

Skin79 BB cream: Another long term product that will always be in my makeup bag, skincare and tinted moisturiser in one! Gives medium coverage, very adaptable for most skintones and has a good SPF. What more could you want in a base!

Maybelline Fit Me concealer: A newie but a goodie! As you can see I love this concealer so much I have it in a highlighting shade and a concealing shade. It is creamy without being cake, it has great coverage and is very blendable. Very similar to the Nars radiant creamy concealer – but to be honest I actually prefer the Maybelline one!


Nail strengthener : This Sally Hansen Miracle grow nail strengthener is something I have been using for longer than I can remember, as an avid nervous nail biter (gross I know…) I constantly struggle with wanting to grow my nails back. I am not allowed to have fake nails as a nurse for infection control purposes – so I must struggle on with trying to grow my own natural nails….

Marc Jacobs Daisy oh so fresh : This is the scent I wore on my wedding day, I love all of Marc Jacobs perfumes, in particular the Daisy line – they are so floral and fresh and just bring back memories of my wonderful day. This was also a gift from my husband for our anniversary last year so it also constantly reminds me of him! I will always have this in my perfume collection, if for no other reason then for to ensure I always have it to remind me of my blessings ❤

Do you have any products that you consider holy grail?

Thankyou for reading

Love Jess xx


11 thoughts on “Holy Grail Beauty Products – Essentials

    • MsJessLouise says:

      Thank you:) I honestly prefer the wet brush:) the bristle are much softer and more flexible, they also have the little nibs on the ends so they don’t irritate the scalp:) and yes the maybelline concealer is amazing!!! 🙂 you have a wonderful day thank you for reading 🙂 xx

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