Girl Crush Of the Week – Appreciating Beautiful Women!

I am one of those people that is not ashamed to say when I think someone is pretty, looks beautiful or is generally an attractive person. I will preface this by saying РI am straight, married and have no attraction to women, however I do believe that woman should empower each other, compliment each other and that there is not shame in recognising  attractive qualities in other woman.

So I would like to start a new segment on my blog called Girl Crush of the week, where I share the beautiful girls / women that I have been loving and “crushing” on this week – and you do the same!

It may be a celebrity, a friend or a complete stranger, but their is no shame in complimenting another woman – I think it is the best way to help stop woman from tearing each other down, instead building each other up!

This weeks Girl crush is Emily Wickersham- this beautiful blonde is a character on the show NCIS (LOVE THIS SHOW) and appears in the 11th season onwards. She is smart, witty, independent and I think she is a great role model for girls out there. She is also incredibly stunning and is an amazing actress.


Who is your girl crush of the moment?

Thankyou for reading

Love Jess xx


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