The Healthy Snack – Strawberries and Cream-y

Snacking is probably my biggest downfall when it comes to healthy eating. I think I can say the same for most of us – that when it comes down to it, its much easier to eat healthy meals than it is snacks. ALL of the good food comes in snacks form! Chocolate, ice-cream, chips….none of these are really meals – despite having the calories for a meal.

Over the past few weeks I have been trialling a number of healthier snack recipes that will kick that sweet tooth in the butt. And I think I have found the secret to making healthier snacks…..fruit!

I know, I know, it seems like an obvious not – but I don’t mean fruit on its own (which is good also) but fruit as the base of a snack…and build up! I have experimenting with a few fruit based recipes, there was my date based protein balls, and now I have begun experimenting with strawberries and bananas – So todays post is going to showcase what I have decide to call….

Strawberries & Cream-y

As I think it is the perfect healthy alternative to strawberries and cream!

Start with your tray of strawberries, I like to cut the stems off mine so i can eat them whole.DSC_0168Stick toothpicks into each strawberries (for cleaner holding!)
Swirl/dip the strawberries into yoghurt of your choice..preferably greek of low sugar! This is my favouriteDSC_0167Place them back on the tray and put into the freezer for 2-4 hours or until hard!

&Thats All folks! DSC_0169

Once the strawberries have frozen they give a very iceypole sort of texture and the yoghurt is so creamy! Such a sweet amazing treat- and great for warmer weather and young children to enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy the recipe! Do you have any healthy treat idea to try?

Love Jess



10 thoughts on “The Healthy Snack – Strawberries and Cream-y

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    I do remember reading a comment by a food writer that you could safely eat anything as long as you’d made it yourself. It sounds silly, but when you realize that most of our snack food comes prefabricated, it really does cut down on snacking but it still allows us to snack. As long as we have the time to cook.

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    • MsJessLouise says:

      i agree completely, its terrible when we look at all he ingredients on “healthy” snack foods and they are full of additives and nasties! so i am definitely trying to cut down on this extras and just have more home made foods:) thank you for sharing your thoughts xx

      Liked by 1 person

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