Stationary Addiction – Paper or Technology?

IMAG0320Hi my name is Jess and I am a stationary addict….

As someone who has alwasy loved to write things down, my bag is often filled with notebooks, planners, diaries, pens, highlighters and everything in between. I am a very organised person, I love lists, I love planning, I love to have everything written down and planned out to a T if i can.
I have never been a fan of surprises and I like to be able to plan things out. At the moment my everyday stationary consists of a daily planner, a weekly planner, a youtube notebook and a blogging notebook – I also carry about 10 pens, 6 highlighters and 3 different types of sticky notes in a small brown makeup bag….excessive I know but I find that I prefer to be over prepared than to need a green highlighter and only have pink 😉 …
I find that although i have an ipad mini which I use to draft up my blog posts and a smartphone, I much prefer to write things down in a book than on technology, I just find it so relaxing and pleasing to have it written down on paper and opposed to have to type it into a word document…tell me im not the only one?
Are you a pen and paper kinda person or a technology person?
Thankyou for reading
Love Jess xx

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