Asos Sale & Wishlist!

Before I jump into today’s post, I want to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day! If your not from Australia – then it may not be fathers day where you are, but regardless I hope everyone who is celebrating fathers day has an amazing day!

Now with that aside…

If you are anything like me – and many other girls around the world – you often find yourself browsing the Asos website…to be honest I’m not even sure how it happens, I feel like a blink and I’m on the website, I blink again and I have spent $80 and have no memory of doing so…

This is particularly dangerous when Asos is having a further 10% off their 70% sale items…so I have put together a little wishlist of things I am desperately trying to convince myself to not buy…

asos wl post 1

1.Blue swing dress / 2.Off the shoulder dress/ 3.Festival dress / 4. Striped swing dress/ 5. Rose skater dress/ 6.Contrast plunge dress

If you can’t already tell- I am a little obsessed with little dresses at the moment, as I think they are so versatile and are an outfit without having to think about it! As we are going into summer here in Australia, I am pre-emptively buying summery clothing, particularly for a little holiday my husband and I have coming up in October…and am intact wearing a little dress today – despite the fact it is only going to be 16 degrees here (spring who?).

I have already put numbers 1,2 and 4 into my basket…. Which dresses are your favourite?

Do you find yourself browsing the Asos website unintentionally?

Thankyou for stopping by!

Lovee Jess xx

1.Blue swing dress / 2. Off the shoulder babydoll dress/ 3.Festival dress /4. Striped tiered swing dress/ 5.Rose skater dress / 6.Plunge contrast dress


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