Appreciating the beauty of Emma Watson – Girl Crush of the Week

emma watson

If you missed my post last week – then you probably don’t know that I have decided to try and write a sort of “girl crush of the week” sort of post every week – I wanted to do this because I feel like woman spend a lot of time tearing each other down, pointing out flaws and imperfections instead of complimenting the beauty in others, I honestly think that we should take time to admire the beauty – inside & out – of other woman.

This weeks woman crush is the beautiful Emma Watson. Now obviously Emma is a picture of beauty on the outside, but she is also an amazing human being.

Emma not only has an extensive history as an actress and is very well known as the beloved Hermione Granger, she also has a bachelors degree in English literature from Brown University and is a UN Women goodwill ambassador and aided in the launch of the HeForShe campaign which calls for gender equality – if you haven’t seen her AMAZING speech check it out here. Emma is also a huge promotor of the healthy lifestyle and exercise!

I think she is a beautiful human being and honestly deserves to be this weeks girl crush.

Who is your girl crush of the week?

Thankyou for stopping by!

Love Jess xx


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