Boohoo Wishlist – Spring/Summer Obsessions

boohoo wl

Butterfly Dress/Aztec Print /Halterneck Florals /Red Sundress /Pink Tribal Print /Capped Sleeved Blue Smock Dress/ Acid Wash Dress

If you are from the northern hemisphere you are sadly waving goodbye to your summer and un-wantingly welcoming the cold of autumn and winter. Thankfully those of us who have been suffering through the freezing cold and temperamental weather are finally going to get some reprieve with the start of spring.

To celebrate the occasion, I have been doing some online window shopping and have made up my wishlist for the week. This week features who are actually having a sale on their entire site – very dangerous.

I have actually already purchased 1,2,3 and 7 – which should be on their way to me soon – so look out for some outfit posts including these items! If you can’t already tell – I am loving mini dresses with tribal/aztec/floral patterns and a lightweight feel (Florals for spring- groundbreaking! – haha name that movie 😉 ).

What patterns are you loving this season? Have you been eyeing off any particular style of clothing this week?

Thankyou for stopping by

Love always Jess xx


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