Healthy Snackspiration – Inspiring you to snack healthy!

Sticking with the trend of snacking (because to be honest – we all know thats the hardest!) I have been feeling a little un-inspired lately with snack ideas. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE all the snacks I have posted and will continue to enjoy them, but sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and try something new.

So I begun researching ideas and came across a few that sounded really amazing and easy & thought I would share them with you! All of these are on pinterest and will be linked aswell! I also loved that they are all pretty family friendly so all your parents out there – I got your back!

  1. Chocolate Banana Icecreambanana icI used to make a berry version of this ALL the time, and now we are going into summer I think this will be a firm favourite of mine – and yours?!
    All you need to to peel, slice and freeze 3-4 bananas – then chuck them in a food processor (or really powerful blender) with a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder and blend under smooth! Thats it! no added sugar, dairy – anything! & of course you can substitute (or add) anything else you like – peanut butter or berries are always firm favourites of mine:) or for a cheeky sweet, you can always add chocolate chips before serving & ENJOY!
  2. Banana Popsicles banana popsA more creative and fun idea for a snack! Just peel your bananas, cut them into halves or quarters, put in a  popsicle stick and get creative! My favourite ideas were involving peanut butter or chocolate as a base and rolling them in chopped nuts, granola or shredded coconut! You could also dip them in yoghurt and put strawberries and other berries onto. Then put in the freezer until hardened and VIOLA! A yummy & healthy snack for the whole family!
  3. Pancake & Fruit skewersbpsThis is a fun and yummy party (or breakfast ;)) idea! Firstly I think that you should ignore the pancake recipe provided on pinterest and use the 2 ingredient pancake recipe courtesy of blogilates (2 eggs and 2 bananas blended until smooth) or my own simple pancake recipe here & make heaps of mini pancakes! Then do as the name suggests and skewer them with your favourite fruits (and of course a little nutella doesn’t go a stray! ) and enjoy!
  4. Apple & Peanut  Butter sandwichesapple sandwichesFor you lovely souls that maybe aren’t huge banana lovers – don’t worry, I have some for you too! This idea is simple! Core your apple and cut into slices, butter one side with peanut butter (or almond butter) and place another piece on top and BAM! Yummy sweet and salty snack! Don’t knock it until you try it – I promise its good!
  5. Apple CookiesapplecThis goes along the same idea as the sandwiches but with a little more creativity, core and cut your apple and smear with peanut butter/almond butter/chocolate/nutella and sprinkle your choice of toppings (granola, nuts, choice chips, coconut!) and let set in the fridge and your done! Simple, Healthy and more importantly YUMMY!

I know that feeling inspired when it comes to healthy eating doesn’t come easy, not when Instagram, Facebook and even cafes are full of nutella donuts and cakes galore! And while those are yummy in moderation, you can eat these healthy snacks and feel guilt free!

I hope this helped you feel a little bit more motivated and inspired to stick to your healthy eating! Were all in this together & I got your back <3.

Do you have a healthy snack recipe you think is amazing? If not which one do you think you will like the best?

Have a fantastic weekend! Thank you for stopping by!

Love Always

Jess xx


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