Staying Organised – A Serial Planner!


I am a very visual person, I love when I can see things laid out in front of me, colour coded, highlighted, with even the smallest of appointments scheduled in on paper. If you ever book something with me – I will be sure not to forget because it will be written in about 4 different places!

I am also a big list maker, I enjoy writing to-do lists, shopping lists, even just random ideas for blogging, everything is always written down in a little notebook as opposed to on my phone. I have never been a big fan of marking things in technology – although I’m sure it is more efficient, I just enjoy the act of writing it down.

Living with another human being as opposed to just living at home can often mean their is a conflict of schedules or miscommunication about plans, so thats why I purchased a calendar notepad, where I can fill in the days/ months as they come and rip it off the pad and put it wherever I like (usually on my fridge). I use this as my way of planning out what we need to do for the next 6 weeks!

I also like (as I said) to colour code, so everything highlighted in orange, is a task/event that my husband and I are both involved in as opposed to something that is just for myself or him to do or to attend.  I found this is very efficient in making plans and not over booking ourselves.

I also use the same planning pad for my blog posts, which I try and schedule ahead of time so I am not left stumbling for words everyday (that being said – I talk a lot so its normally no issue ;)). But it just helps to ensure that I can plan all the ideas in my head out into a schedule, If I don’t do this I can often have what I call writers overload – too many ideas for one day, which leaves me a bit flustered trying to make sense of it all to form a good post.

& Finally my husband and I also use the same idea to try and plan our weekly meals, with a busy lifestyle we find that if we don’t plan what we will be eating that week, we get flustered and struggle to stay on track – eating out more often and feeling bad about it. So we try and sit down together over the weekend and plan dinners for the following week – using what we have in our freezer in order to save time and money.

Do you have a planning regime to help you stay on track?

As always – Thank you for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


5 thoughts on “Staying Organised – A Serial Planner!

  1. jenmarks93 says:

    I am definitely a list-maker as well! Loved reading this and totally identifying with it! My family and I sit down on Sundays and plan out meals/schedules – and that really helps us on busy nights. My planning regimine is similar to yours, I do a lot of planning ahead and love color coding. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it – but sometimes when planning in advance, I use sticky notes to place things in my planner. Then later if plans have changed or something, I just remove the sticky note – and if the plan is staying in place, then I permanently write it in! This is helpful for all kinds of things! Thanks again for a great post!

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