Wishlist – Maxi Edition

Despite the fact I am quite short – I have a love for all things maxi, I do believe that if worn correctly and in the right style, maxi skirts & dresses can look very flattering and slimming on shorter bodies such as my own.

At just 5 ft 3″, I often struggle with finding full length dresses and skirts that don’t completely swamp me – or that don’t drag on the floor behind me like a muddy trial. But regardless I think my love of maxi stems from my dislike of knees, in my opinion they are just not a pretty joint to look at or to be on display. However odd that may sound – have you ever really looked at someones knees? Generally not an attractive attribute, particularly on short legs like mine!

Todays wishlist is made up of 2 websites as opposed to my typical one brand. Missguided & Paper Scissors Frock .

Missguided is a well known UK based boutique that stocks everything from fashion to shoes and accessories. They have some amazing unique pieces as well as being able to stop the current trends for an affordable price! They also ship worldwide!!

Paper Scissors Frock is a Brisbane based Australian websites thats specialises in the most beautiful quality maxi dresses and skirts. They are very affordable for the brilliant quality and beautiful styles that will suit any body shape. I own a number of dresses from them and love every single one! & for all your ladies going into Fall & Winter – they have some BEAUTIFUL long sleeve designs (as well as a huge sale on right now!) They also ship worldwide!!


1.Green Multiway / 2.Green Bandeau / 3.Pink Mermaid /4. Slate Multiway / 5.Crossback Black & White / 6.Strappy Tie Dye

If you can’t tell – I have a thing for multiway and strappy sort of styles, which I think are so versatile and unique!

Do you prefer short dresses or maxi ?

Thankyou for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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