Sometimes you just need a change – Hairspiration

IMG_20150918_034640I have been a brunette for basically my whole life – except for a few months in early high school where I went a little too blonde. You see with skin as cool toned and fair as mine, I struggle with hair colours – I can’t do too dark or it makes me look like a ghost, I can’t go too light or it washes me out like crazy & I can’t go too warm toned or it brings out the red in my face – Pale people problems, am I right?

Regardless lately I have been feeling like I need a change, a whole new hair style thus a whole new Jess. I have been feeling very unmotivated and uninspired in life lately and I really think that shaking up my hair colour will help to give me an overall new outlook.

I have been particularly fond of the ombre/bayalage colouring, and as a lazy girl I don’t want to much upkeep or to have to commit to the constant dying that is necessary to keep up with an all over colour, I would much rather start the colour a little lower down and blend.

As per usually when I decided to make a big decision in my appearance, I consulted with pinterest and tumblr for hair inspiration, as well as some of my favourite bloggers and youtubers ( Cara Loren & Heyy June) who have hair to die for!

The plan is to keep my natural dark roots and blend into a dark blonde, very light brown colour – not to light – but just enough to hopefully lift my face and give me the “facelift and overhaul” I have been looking for!

Whats your favourite way of giving yourself an overhaul to feel more inspired? Is it your hair? Your style? or even just your makeup trends?

Thankyou for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


10 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a change – Hairspiration

  1. sarahfoord says:

    You don’t need a “new Jess” & you certainly don’t need a facelift!!
    You’re beautiful the way you are, inside & out!
    If you’re feeling unmotivated or uninspired you could try a “100 days if happiness” or inspiration, like an inner-beauty motivation.
    You would look lovely as a bronde or with an ombre though

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