Fashion Haul – From Wishlist to Wardrobe


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had made some purchases from my boohoo wishlist post here. Well thanks to some pretty quick shipping – those purchases (among a few others) are now hanging in my wardrobe for me to share with you!

So today’s post is not a wordy one but it is going to be quite picture heavy. Not only was I lucky enough to receive my boohoo order, but I also picked up a few specials in the H&M sale while on a brunch date with a girlfriend that turned into an unexpected shopping trip (I equally love & hate when that happens).

I am honestly so pleased with all of my purchases, particularly the denim dress from boohoo (which to be honest just reminds me of a minions uniform) and the burnt orange dress from H&M which was on special from $100 down to $20! This dress was one I actually saw a few months and fell in love with – so to find it on special was truly exciting!

I will hopefully be featuring all of these in outfit posts coming up soon!

Have you made some naughty purchases recently?

Thankyou so much for reading!

Love Always Jess xx


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