Sun, Rides & Showbags – Spring For the Day

rmsThose of us that live in Melbourne are going through what I like to call “weather confusion” which is basically as stated, an incredibly confusing mixture of beautiful spring days where the sun is out and the outlook is bright mixed with windy days with on and off rain without the hint of blue. Thankfully the lovely springs days we have been experiencing have been falling on weekends – while I don’t technically have weekends with nursing night shift, my husband does and it means that we can go out and enjoy our weekends together.

This Sunday was an exciting one, as it was the first weekend of the school holidays aswell as the first weekend of the Royal Melbourne Show! Russell & I were lucky enough to take my cousins for a full day of fun, rides and showbags, finishing up with motocross show and then a beautiful display of fireworks.

DSC_0067DSC_0071The weather really put out, with a beautiful 25°c and sun all day. I decided on light and comfortable clothing with this little tiered dress from target sale & windsor smith leather sandals. My backpack is a faux leather one from strand bags that ensured my hands were free but my belongings were safe.

Although it was a long day for everyone – we thoroughly enjoyed the day & honestly we all slept soundly last night! It was because of this that I didn’t post yesterday, and i want to apologise for missing my daily post – but would like to say that days like that will be far and few between!

I hope you had a wonerful weekend!

Thankyou for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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