When something new happens – The Ombre Effect

theombreeffectIf you missed my first post, I mentioned that I have been coveting a change in hair, and since I didn’t want to cut it I decided on a change in colour would do the trick. Thus begun the extensive research into WHAT exactly I wanted to do – darker? lighter? ombre? We all know when it comes to making big changes, its better to do your research before making commitments.

So I booked in my appointment with the beautiful Naomi from Raymond B hairdressing and thus begun the journey of change. The basics of what was done, was she applied theΒ natulique bleach in an ombre/bayalage effect – which meant she painted my hair and put them in foil, she also teased parts of my hair to ensure it blended well.

We then let it sit for the full 50 minutes before washing and toning. Once it had dried, it came out in a beautiful light brown/dark blonde colour, which was PERFECT. She had managed to get the exact colour I wanted without even knowing what colour I wanted!

I will probably go a bit lighter eventually but for now I couldn’t be more happy!

Thankyou so much for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


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