On The Road To Insanity – Insanity Workout

I have been feeling lately that I have been in a bit of a rutt with my workouts. Although I love the workouts I do, I have started to find them tedious and repetitive – which in terms of getting an overall good workout, will hinder my efforts! If I am bored and not 100% loving my workout, I find my mind drifting and the efforts just not there.

I had heard of the insanity workout a number of times of the past few years, but it wasn’t until after I was mentioning to a friend that I might want to do it that it sunk in how intrigued I was by the idea. She of course jumped on board for the ride and today marks day 1 of the next 60 days of the insanity workout.

If you haven’t heard of insanity – It takes after its name, it is meant to do insane things to your body – to tone you up and burn fat like no other workout, it promises (while following the recommended supplied eating program) 1 years worth of results in 60 days – which is INSANE! images-6

But after much research, I found more and more people that even without following the eating plan, managed to lose significant amounts of weight and tone up! I have to warn you that this workout is nor for amateurs, you have to at least and a reasonable fitness level to complete the workouts as well as being able to be dedicated for the full 60 days. It is recommended and I highly suggest you get yourself checked out and cleared by your doctor before commencing this workout, espcially if you have any risk of high blood pressure or cholesterol levels – it is INTENSE!

The workout is run by Shaun T, who is an amazing trainer, who not only preaches that you should take breaks if you need them and that keeping good form is way more important, he actually uses real people in the videos, people that take breaks throughout the workouts with you! It is compiled of 10 dvds and a calendar which lays out when to complete each dvd, we were lucky enough to get a special edition one that included an extra 2 discs also!
Today we completed what is called the “Fit Test” which is a series of 8 high intensity exercises that you do for 1 minute at a time and count how many you are able to complete in that minute and write it down, you will then  complete the “fit test” every 2 weeks as a way to see the improvement in your fitness level!

Now that may not sound difficult but boy was it a killer! But afterwards I felt so proud that I had completed it and had a sense of accomplishment.

I have taken some “before” photos – which I will keep aside for now, and will hopefully take photos throughout and at the completion of the 60 days to ensure I am able to see my own results!

I am so excited to embark on this fitness journey and am so happy i get to do it with a friend for motivation!

Have you ever done a fitness program? Or made a commitment to fitness for a period of time?

Thankyou for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


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