My Sunday Best- Florals in Spring

sunday best

It seems that every Sunday for the past few weeks – I have had somewhere to go or someone to see, and we have also been blessed with beautiful weather! So once again today I have an outfit of the day for you!

This Sunday we had my niece’s christening, so we actually were in our Sunday best for the church ceremony. My beautiful floral dress is from Femme fashion, My wedges are actually crocs (surprising I know!) & my purse was a gift from my in laws from China a few years back. I lightly curled my hair and did a golden eye look with glow skin to watch the beautiful weather- I filmed the look so it will be up on my youtube channel later this week if you are interested.

After the christening we had dinner at my in-laws and then picked up my parents from the airport, coming home from their recent holiday, so overall it was a beautifully busy day!

My husband also agreed to have his outfit taken, and I must say (although I’m a little biased)  he looked very handsome in his heather grey suit and light purple shirt.

Did you have anything special on this weekend?

Thankyou for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


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