Glowy Skin & A Backless Dress

backless dress I have never been a summer girl, despite the fact I was born in the summer months, I have never liked the heat. However I think that a lot of my distaste for the heat was the fact that I was always to ashamed to wear anything that showed even and inkling of skin, growing up a slightly chubby kid into a more than chubby teenager, the idea of wearing skin baring clothing would have sent me packing – hiding underneath layers of leggings and cardigans. backessmakeup

It wasn’t until I begun losing weight that I begun shedding layers (of clothes that is) and embracing the warmer weather. I now look forward to the weather heating up and being able to wear cute little summer outfits.

Today’s outfit is a favourite of mine, I featured the dress in this post and was desperately waiting for the weather to warm up to wear it & today gave me the perfect weather and reason! I also went for a glowy makeup tutorial with a pop of colour on the lid! My parents just got back from a trip to Singapore and picked me up a few bits from Sephora which got tested today! I will do full reviews on the products (sneak peek I LOVE THEM!).

Are you are summer or a winter lover?

Thankyou for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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