The Kokoda Trail Trial


If you have never heard of the Kokoda track, it is basically the way to the Kokoda village that the ANZACS had to climb and trek through to get to during the second world war. The track itself its about 60km of dense jungle and bushland and is situated in Owen Stanley range in Papua New Guinea. The Hike takes about 4-12 days depending on your speed and is only for the most intense of athletes.


However here in Victoria in Dandenong Ranges, we have that is called the Kokoda trail or the 1000 steps, which is a steep hiking track that leads you through the major milestones of the ANZACS on their trek so many years ago. Although much easier than the namesake, this isn’t for the faint hearted – with the steep journey both up and back. But today both myself & my friend Katrina decided it was worth the challenge and we made the hike!

It is a beautiful 34°c here in Melbourne, so we got up had a protein filled breakfast and headed up. Now the track is about an hour from us but with traffic by the time we got there it was well into the day. We filled our water bottles, sunscreened up and put our caps on and headed on our way.

It was challenging and there were times when we had to stop and take little breaks between the steepest of hills- but 32 minutes later we made it to the top – dripping in sweat and feeling very accomplished! We enjoyed the beautiful tree top views before making our decent. Because what goes up..must come down!

Overall the experience was one that we thoroughly enjoyed and have actually planned to go back there again in a few days to try to beat our time!

I tried to take some shots of the experiences so please enjoy!IMAG0722


Where is your favourite place to hike?

Thankyou for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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