Style Spotlight – Summer Wedges

Going into the warmer months usually means a whole re-vamp of your wardrobe, this means packing away all those winter sweaters, fuzzy socks, and to me in means packing away my clunky boots and booties and switching them out for sandals, trainers and of course the oh so beautiful wedges!

I own a few pairs of wedges in my collection but I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT pair of summer wedges, ones that are classy and chic, stylish and sophisticated but still casual and comfy enough to wear daily.

Unfortunately my search for the perfect pair has been unsuccessful, however after looking on pinterest I have put together a selection of beautiful summer wedges that can give me (and you!) inspiration:)


While I haven’t been able to find many styles at the moment that are in my price range or that are available in Australia – it doesn’t mean I am giving up on my search!

Where would you recommend picking up the perfect summer wedges? Have you got a favourite pair of summer shoes?

Thankyou for stopping by

Love always Jess xx


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