The Blue Eyeliner – A Pop of Colour for Spring & Summer


When it comes to makeup I am usually a pretty low key girl – I much prefer my natural “no makeup “makeup looks over anything super dramatic, unless I have an event to go to, you will find me wearing my basic bb cream with a hint of bronzer and some mascara (or no makeup at all!) I am also normally not a big eyeliner wearer, not that I don’t love the look of eyeliner – in fact I think it is very chic and sophisticated when applied nicely, I am just a bit cack-handed when it comes to applying it and I end up looking like a panda! So generally I just skip the eyeliner and move on with my life – but not lately!

This eyeliner was actually a gift from my lovely friend Maddy and I featured in a haul post a while back, but haven’t only recently rediscovered it in my collection and fallen in love with it! It is a beautiful bright electric blue, which when placed in a thin line on the lid, can give them most subtle yet lovely POP of colour to the eyes!


The eyeliner is one from the Sephora 24HR waterproof color eyeliners in the colour Surfin USA, the formula is just the right amount of liquidy without being runny! It lasts all day on my eyes without smudging and still looks lovely at the end of the day!

I have been wearing this everyday that I have been wearing makeup (I just uploaded a look using this colour onto my youtube channel here) & don’t see myself stopping for the foreseeable future! I definitely want to try this out with some more colours!

What is your favourite brand of liquid eyeliner? Will you be rocking a pop of colour this season?

Thankyou so much for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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