Stretch Marks – Embracing Your Past & Imperfections


As someone who is trying to slim down and become fitter, stretch marks are a way of life for me – I have them in places that many others don’t and while they are light in colour, they are definitely there – and I have no idea why I should be ashamed of them?

Most woman (and men) will at some point in their life have stretch marks, because as your skin expands/ shrinks as you change sizes through the years. Although the skin has a great deal of elasticity, when you lose or gain weight faster then it can keep up, you get fine lines where the skin has been unable to accommodate for the change. This is a natural process that the body does on its own free will – what I don’t understand is why we are told we should be embarrassed of them?

In todays day and age, women (and men) live in a world where we are not just told, but forced into thinking about everything wrong with our bodies and they way we look. We will never be everyones idea of perfect, and I know that this pressure on people by society has made it harder for people to express themselves and appreciate their bodies.

My stretch marks came about because I put on a lot of weight through my teenage years, through a number of bad eating habits, and again when I started to lose weight, my skin had to try and accommodate for the change in size and shape. I am proud of how far I have come in my health journey, and I refuse to be embarrassed of something that marks a big part of my history and my life.

I am not saying I am 100% happy with my body, or that I am happy to have the stretch marks, because a little part of me says – it I didn’t allow myself to get so big it wouldn’t have been an issue. But that is a part of who I am as a person, and although its not a past to be proud of, It is something I have learnt and grown from.

I am taking baby steps everyday to try and accept and love my body at all stages – stretch marks and all.

Would you change your past to change your body?

Thankyou so much for reading!

Love Always Jess xx


2 thoughts on “Stretch Marks – Embracing Your Past & Imperfections

  1. Miss Melon-Soda says:

    Thank you for sharing! Body marks are a huge part of my life that I am still coping with.. I have many scars I am not proud of, including several acne scars, and a giant mark just below my butt cheek actually where I got 19stitches about three years ago… I’m also one of those girls who freak out at the sight of a stretch mark becoming more visible, but to keep peace of mind I use oils that are meant to control it… It also helps that my boyfriend assures me that the marks on my body don’t take away from his attraction to me. You are beautiful, and it’s nice to remind everyone that imperfections are what gives everyone their uniqueness and personality.


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