MyProtein – Protein & Clothing Put To the Test!

myprotein1 Now I like to consider myself a bit of a fitness junkie, after making the lifestyle change over 2 years ago now, I have slowly but surely fallen in love with fitness and everything that comes along with that. So when the lovely Laura from MyProteins blog “TheZone” (which is one of my go to blogs for fitness and health tips!) contacted me a few months back to try out some of their range, I jumped at the chance. Now being the boring person i am 😉 I asked Laura if she could recommend me the best flavour in the whey protein range (as opposed to my normal chocolate and vanilla ) and she sent me the salted caramel flavour (which is amazing by the way!). She was also kind enough to send me some crunchy peanut butter (THE BEST KIND OF PEANUT BUTTER AM I RIGHT?) along with some workout pants and a workout hoodie!

I am not ashamed to admit that I squealed a little bit when these arrived at my door and couldn’t wait to give everything a go! Now I am going to be straight up with you guys and say that I am not being paid to talk about these products, nor was I asked to mention these on my blog – this is 100% my own choice and opinion! myprotein2

Now I thought the best way for me to put the workout clothes to the test is to put them up against the hardest of the hard – insanity! Even my favourite workout pants don’t sit right at the end of 45 minutes of power jumps, globe jumps and everything else Shaun T throws at you!

I have to say they impressed me! By the end of the workout I barely had to adjust the tights (definitely A LOT less then normal), I think what helped this was the overall fit! The workout leggings have a band on the inside of the waist that helps them to stay up, they also have a tie detail to tighten them if need be. The best part was they weren’t 3 inches too long, which is a common problem for me in full length pants (shortgirlproblems), I am 5’3 so finding pants that don’t bunch around the ankles is a true struggle. So if you are taller then 5’5 you may find these a little short for you, but for short girls like me – WIN!

The Hoodie (Printed Panel Zip Through Hoodie) is a comfortable light weight polyester elastane material in a beautiful teal colour, it has a hood (duh Jess) and a zip up front. My favourite part is definitely the fact that it has thumb holes and zip pockets. Don’t asked my why – but thumbholes are a major selling point for me and anything with pockets is a bonus let alone zip pockets to keep your belongings safe. Although it didn’t stay on long during my workout (I overheat quickly) It was comfortable with the right amount of stretch to let me move and not feel restricted!

The whey protein powder has to be my favourite thing, salted caramel isn’t a flavour I would pick for myself – like I said I’m a bit boring – but I have really been enjoying it! It gives my smoothie a much richer flavour that sweetens but not to much. It is a very find powder that includes a scoop to ensure you are measuring the right amount and best of all it doesn’t have the gross powdery smell that some of the protein powders I have tried in the past.

The last product in the parcel was a HUGE tub of crunchy peanut butter, I am a huge peanut butter lover so this made me very happy! The texture of the peanut butter is a lot thinner then I was expecting but I think that actually works in its favour as I like to use peanut butter in a lot of my treats such as my peanut butter banana pops (for more treat ideas click here). The thinner texture definitely doesn’t mean less flavour, it packs a peanut punch and is perfect in snacks or on a piece of toast. My favourite part is actually the high protein content, as I generally struggle to reach my protein level of the day!

Overall I couldn’t be more excited and pleasure with the amazingly generous package from MyProtein, and thanks to here VERY affordable price, I will be 100% purchasing more products from their website!

Whats your favour protein flavour?

Thankyou so much for reading!

Love Always Jess xx


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