The Roadtrip to Paradise & Why I Have Been Gone

IMAG0792After weeks of planning and looking forward to this trip, on Wednesday the day had finally come for us to pack up the car and head on our 3 day road trip to the beautiful gold coast. Our first day was the longest with a total of 9 hours drive to the busy Sydney – after checking in in the late afternoon in Parramatta, we went for a lovely walk down to the river and ate some amazing italian food. We finished up the night by watching our current favourite tv show NCIS LA before hitting the hay!

Thursday was a shopping day and another 6 hours of driving – finalising in the beautiful Coffs Harbour! We drove through the lovely Bondi beach and over the Sydney Harbour bridge, before finishing our time in Sydney by stopping at the Macquarie Centre which is what I have decided to name “shopping heaven!” We made stops in at Sephora, Forever 21 and H&M – which left me incredibly excited especially after they were having sales and I picked up a few things that I am very excited to feature shortly!

The final leg of our journey ended today with our arrive into the beautiful Gold coast! We checked into our room & hit up the outlets for a spot of lunch & some shopping! We picked up some groceries and settled into our hotel room for the night!

& That is my lame ass excuse for why I missed 2 days of my blogging schedule – lack of internet access mostly! Thank you so much for sticking with me the past few days – stayed tuned for some exciting clothing and beauty blog posts swell as some holiday themed ones!

I hope your all having an amazing day!

Thankyou for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


4 thoughts on “The Roadtrip to Paradise & Why I Have Been Gone

  1. Jonno says:

    Glad the trip is going so well Jess. It all sounds great, apart from the shopping. We are in the middle of our little JWalking trip( living on the beach just outside Sydney so You are right about how busy it is but there is so much to see. Off to stay in Bondi next week so hope that’s as good as you we hope. Enjoy the trip.

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