Summer Shoes to Impress

shoe haul

When I married my husband, I knew that I was setting myself up for looking tiny next to him everyday for the rest of my life! At 6ft 5″ tall compared to my small 5ft 3″ I am basically a foot and a half shorter than him and CLEARLY not getting any taller.

That being said – I love my husband and definitely wouldn’t have it any other way, especially since it means that I can wear the highest of heels and still be at least a foot shorter than him! Ironically I don’t actually own that many pair of heels, as I am not one that is comfortable in them, but when I find comfy shoes – I am more than happy to invest in them!

I have been looking for nice and comfortable heels/wedges for a couple of weeks now that didn’t break the bank, I mentioned this in a previous post a couple weeks back – and today while shopping at the lovely harbour town shopping centre on the Gold Coast I found two pairs and picked them up!!

Both are branded London Rebel and have faux leather upper and cork/wooden bottoms, both have ankles straps which is essential for a clutz like myself and both are VERY comfortable. The nude pair were originally $60 down to $35, while the black pair were originally $55 down to $30! I honestly couldn’t be more happy with my purchase and the deals I found! These are definitely going to be staples on my feet this summer to give me a bit of height and make me feel a little taller next to my lovely husband!

What are your shoe staples for this season?

Thankyou so much for reading

Love Always Jess xx


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