Insanity Workout Update – Recovery week & Month 1 results

insanity month 1

I can’t believe it – I am halfway through my insanity workout. Seems pretty crazy to me, feels like I only just started and to be honest most of the time I’m still a dripping mess of sweat on the floor after Shaun T is through with me, but I feel pretty accomplished to say that I have made it to the halfway point.

Although I  managed to get away for a week to the lovely Gold Coast with my hubby, It didn’t mean that I gave up on my insanity workouts – oh no! I am a stubborn person and I was determined to not let my holiday ruin all my progress and the commitment I made to myself & Shaun T! & to be honest I was a little surprised at myself that I was able to keep up with my routine for the whole 12 days I was away – including a few days of long drives!

If you missed my intro into  the insanity workout and my first update you can check it out in my previous posts here & here, but basically I have completed month 1 and I am going through the 1 week of recovery workouts before embarking on the hyped up torture that is month 2! I’m a little scared I’m gunna be honest!

However I am pretty stoked with the results I have achieved after month 1, I am feeling a lot lighter and fitter – my endurance levels are way better then ever before. I am looking leaner and more toned – particularly in my shoulders and upper arms!  I have also noticed my legs and stomach have slimmed down considerably and my face is starting to look more defined!

Recovery week has been good for my body to relax without actually stopping the workouts but not overdoing it – although it is still a high intensity workout, it is shorter and the moves are a lot slower than the regular workout video and while it still has me sweating, it gives you a great reprieve from month 1 and helps to give you a break for whats to come.

I’m pretty keen to start month 2 – Let me know if you have any advise!!

Have you ever completed the insanity workout?

Thankyou so much for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx

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