Out with the bronde & in with the blonder!

hair colour

I’m just going to admit it – tumblr is bad for my bank account.

After spending hours and hours looking at ombre hairstyles and hair colours, I saved about 20 pictures (no seriously) onto my phone and took them into my hairdressers with bright glassy eyes expecting to walk out looking like a ombre goddess!

& While I may not have gotten “goddess” as such – I am very pleased with the overall outcome of my hair!

My lovely hairdresser took to my hair with half a head of foils and then toned them to give them a less brassy tone. She lightened up the bits that had been lightened previously and also took the ombre a little higher on my head. I was left with a multi-toned blonde ombre that still kept my hair in a healthy-ish state.

I have been using my fudge purple shampoo once a week to manage the colour and putting in a deep conditioner/oil treatment multiple times a week and my hair is starting to feel good as new! If you want a full haircare routine or recommendations let me know!

Although I didn’t come out looking quite as expected, I am very pleased with the result I ended up with and think I will be sticking with this colour for some time now!

What decisions have you made based on photos?

Thank you so much for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx

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