Post-Workout Preference


I don’t know about you, but at the end of my workout I am generally a sweaty mess that is skulling a litre of water and is desperate for an energy boost! No? just me? all good!

This means that usually after my workout I go into the kitchen and blend myself up a protein smoothie, not only to rehydrate myself but to also give my muscles the extra protein they need to repair for tomorrows workout.

My protein smoothie recipe comes courtesy of Shaun T and it is truely delicious! I take about a cup of frozen berries and half a banana (I like mine frozen!), I chuck in a scoop of protein powder (mines is myprotein’s salted caramel and tastes SO GOOD!), a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a cup of whatever milk I have on hand (normally coconut or almond). I finish up with a few ice blocks and blend it up in my nutri ninja (which is AWESOME by the way! If you want a full review let me know!).

I find this smoothie not only refreshing but I find that afterwards I have not more energy and it also helps keep my sweet tooth at bay:)

Whats your favourite post workout smoothie recipe?

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Love Always Jess xx


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