A Moment Of Silence for Paris


Today’s post will be one of few words.

In fact it will be one filled with silence.

Silence for the innocent victims of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris.

Silence for the souls that were taken unnecessarily and far too soon.

Silence for those injured and fearful.

Silence for the grieving loved ones of all those lost or injured in what can only be described as an act of pure horror.

Silence for the streets of Paris that were filled with screams instead of laughter, tears instead of smiles and loss instead of togetherness.

Today the world stands united, with pictures and words of support from all over the globe, against this inhumane act.

& while this horrific event tears apart families – it brings out the unity and goodness in humanity aswell.

Today we have a moment of silence, prayer and well wishes for Paris.

& remember to hold your loved ones close tonight and be grateful that they are still there to hold.

Thank you for sharing this silence with me ❤

Sending love & prayers all over the world to all those affected ❤ xx

Love Always Jess xx


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