Rubbing In The Wrong Way


Unless your one of the small percentage of people that have a decent thigh gap, you and I both know that your probably not a stranger to that awful rubbing of the thighs when you run/walk – particularly in hot weather. I know that when I got for a run or do a workout in shorts this can be a big problem for me!

When I was in primary school I actually used to wear bicycle shorts everyday under my school dress in order to prevent chafing and the painful rash that comes along with it. Fast forward to the present and I don’t think wearing bicycle shorts under my summer dresses is really appropriate – or practical considering how hot it gets!

Thankfully I have found an amazing product that I wish I knew about all those years ago! Basically it is a gel/cream that comes in a deodorant looking applicator, that you roll onto areas that may rub (may it be thighs, or even if you have an annoying strap on your bra it can help!) and it acts as a barrier between your skin thus preventing the rubbing!

GENIUS! I know!

I have one that I picked up at rebel sport and also one that I picked up at the drugstore in the US a few years back. So if you have the same issue that I do, and really can’t bare to put yourself through the thought of having to wear shorts under your cute outfit – LOOK NO FURTHER YOUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Do you have a secret beauty/lifestyle tip that change your life?

Love Always Jess xx


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