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I love makeup – If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will be well aware of this. However I am a true believer that makeup generally looks better on skin that has been taken care of.

I know a lot of people wear makeup to hide their skin, and that is fine and well within your rights! Makeup is a tool that is used to enhance beauty or change the way yo look completely  – personal preference. But I personally prefer makeup that looks natural on my skin and my first step is to take care of my canvas.

I have been trying out a new skincare regime the past few weeks and have fallen in love. The changes in my skin are noticeable and although my skin is not perfect, their is a definite improvement.

I filmed a video talking through my entire skincare routine that will be up on my youtube channel next week and I will leave it linked here when its up. But I wanted to share the products I have been loving over here on my blog as well.

The main products in my routine are drugstore and readily available in most countries. They come from a dermatologist recommended brand called Cetaphil. Now you may or may not have heard of this brand, but it is one that I used many moons ago before I got the itch to start trying out many many MANY other brands and the fact I have come back to it 4 years later, is a testament in itself.

The products I use are the Gentle Skin Cleanser  for all skin types – I use this with my clarisonic in the evening (They have an oily skin range out their for you oily/combo girls also!) The SPF 30 Acne Prone Daily Moisturiser which is oil free and amazing for day time wear, and finally the Daily Moisturising Lotion which is a thick creamy lotion, perfect for night time use! These have made an incredible difference in the overall texture of my skin and are so affordable!

The other products I use on a daily basis are the Witch Hazel Toner, Witch Hazel blemish gel, Pure jojoba oil &Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover.

Along with these I also use my Aztec healing clay mask & Coconut and sugar exfoliator. A couple of times a month to ensure my skin is looking its best.

I am so loving my current routine and really wanted to share it with you!

I hope your having an amazing day

Whats your go to skincare product?

Love Always Jess xx


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