Top Ten Tips To De-Stress Your Wedding Day

It only feels like yesterday that I was waking up and getting ready for my big day. The giggling girls, the fancy makeup, my beautiful headpiece and my amazing dress. Getting into the car with my babbling nervous father, and getting out at the chapel. Hearing the bells ring and the beginning of Stevie Wonders “Isn’t She Lovely” that indicated it was time to walk down the aisle into the rest of my life. The day came and went SOO fast, but before that was months of planning, stressing and researching ways to make my day perfect!

And it was perfect in every way!

Today I want to share with you my Top Ten Tips to help make your special day, and the lead up to it, as stressless as possible!


1.Keep your options minimalistic!
If you have picked something to be in your final few options – your going to love it! Only give yourself a couple of options – trust your instincts! We only met 2 photographers and we couldn’t be happier with our photos!

 2.A little Thank-you goes a long way
Once all is said and done and you are now a husband & wife, it is time to take a moment to thank all of those who came and made your day so special. Using a thank-you card such as these from The Paperless Post, will not only say thank-you but will give your guests a picture to remember your big day!

 3.Think about your venue for your colour scheme
If your getting married in lush green gardens, then chances are you are not going to want green bridesmaids dresses for fear of floating heads in all of your photos, similarly, look at the colours inside your wedding venue, such as the curtains, and carpet – you want to ensure the colours compliment your colour scheme!

 4.Narrow down your dress options before showing your bridesmaids!
By picking what you like first and narrowing it down to a few options, you are still allowing your girls some freedom of choice but your also helping to prevent world war 3 if you find the girls not agreeing on a design – you pick what you like – its your day!

 5.The reaction says it all!
When I went wedding dress shopping I took my mum and my mother in law to be and that was it – I didn’t want too many opinions! When I tried on my wedding dress I knew it was the perfect one based on the reactions I got when I walked out of the change rooms. I already loved the dress and to get the reaction I did (many tears were shed!) meant I was going to get the same reaction from my husband to be and my guests!

 6.You have to love it – you’re going to be looking at it in every photo!
I said this exact sentence to a lovely girl and her mum when I was picking up my wedding dress and was asked for an opinion on the dress she was trying. The dress was beautiful – and I told her so, but I could tell her mum loved it more than she did. You have to love your dress – you’re going to be looking at it in every wedding photo for the rest of your life!

 7.Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. 
On my wedding day – from the day I began planning it – I wanted to wear a headpiece. The only person I told was my mum who was skeptical at first but once I showed her photos she got on board and within a couple of months had found me the beautiful gem that I wore on my wedding day! Headpieces aren’t exactly common in weddings nowadays but I didn’t care and on the day it was perfect! And even today I get told how much everyone loved the look! If you want something don’t be afraid to do it!

 8.Always order extra invitations!
I promise that you will need them! More people than you expect wont be able to come for one reason or another and you want to be sure that you have enough to cover all those extra invitees! The Paperless Post has some amazing invite options – that will spoil you with choice!

9. Pinterest is your new best friend!
In the months leading up to my wedding I think I looked at pinterest basically everyday! It made sure I was able to make a collage of everything I loved, so when it came down to making final decisions, I was able to look at what I really loved for inspiration!

 10.Let your hair down and relax!
This is your big day! You only get to do it once and it goes by SO fast that you blink and its over! Enjoy it, have a drink, spend time with your loved ones, because they are there to spend your special day with you!

I truly think these tips are what kept me from going insane before my big day! I promise it goes by in the blink of an eye – so please ENJOY IT!

When I was asked by the lovely Katie at Paperless Post, to share my wedding planning tips, I honestly couldn’t be more excited. My wedding was the most amazing day of my life and the planning could’ve driven me mad if I let it, and I really thought I would be able to help some of you feel a little less overwhelmed!

So from one bride to another – Goodluck on your big day! & make sure you send me pictures or a link to YOUR wedding post!

Thank you so much for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx

*All my opinions are 100% my own, I am not being paid or sponsored to talk about Paperless Post, I genuinely loved this post idea & think they are an amazing resource for brides to be!*

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