Its Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas

christmasThe holiday season is truely my favourite time of year. Not only because my birthday is in early January (so basically it goes Christmas, New Years then Jess’s Birthday hooray!) but also because its a time for spending quality time with my family and friends, eating delicious foods and catching up on what the year has brought us and what we hope for in the new year.

I know its a little early to be putting up christmas decorations, but hubby and I couldn’t help ourselves! We spent some quality time yesterday putting up our first really christmas tree, not only as a married couple, but in our house – despite living here LAST christmas (we only had a mini tree last year). We played christmas music (Micheal Buble’s christmas album of course) and danced around the house together, while decorating the tress with ornaments and lights.

& While I am definitely not finished my decorating, getting all my christmas decor out and starting to bring a little holiday cheer to my home really made me happy – so why shouldn’t I put it up a little early?

So whether you’re feeling a little down, or maybe you just love Christmas as much as I do – Do what makes you happy and put those decorations up early if you want! & make sure you send me pictures!

I hope everyone who is celebrating thanksgiving this week has an amazing one!

& let me know what your favourite part of the holiday season is?

Thank you for stopping by and supporting me!

Love you Always!

Jess xx


6 thoughts on “Its Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas

  1. Bhavika says:

    I love that you already have your decorations out! I saw that you liked my 12 days of christmas post – wondering if you want to take part? You’d be a great addition since you are just as excited for christmas 😉 send me an email at if you are or tell me your email so I can email you! Thanks for your time xo

    Liked by 1 person

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