Welcome To 2016 – A New Year & New Resolutions


Firstly I want to wish you and your family and friends a Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is filled with love, happiness, success and good health for you and all your loved ones!

2015 was a year that had many ups and downs, some of the best moments of my life were achieved in 2015 – Like the day I became a wife, while some of the worst also snuck into the year and really attempted to overshadow those good moments. By the end of 2015 I was wishing it was over and really looking forward to the new year and here it is!

I am not one that normally participates in new years resolutions, to be honest I make the same ones every year – lose weight, exercise more, save more spend less etc all the things we promise ourselves at the start of each year. In 2015 I think I did make some landmark changes in terms of my overall weightless and fitness but I feel like 2016 will me a year of more achievable and lifelong changes.

So lets get into my resolutions for 2016 – and for the rest of my life hopefully!

1.Make an effort to improve my diet:
Like I said before, I make a similar resolution to this every year, and truth be told, I generally do pretty well, but this year I want to crack down on some of my nasty eating habits that snuck back into my life and really cut them back. I am not one for depriving myself, but their is a difference between a treat and a regular indulgence. I also want to set myself the goal of 2L of water a day, which is really the minimum our bodies need to function.

2.Eat Real Foods:
This follows on from my first resolution, I want to make an effort to cut out processed foods, shop only in the outer sections of the supermarket that hold the fresh foods and to make my own homemade recipes – including desserts. I want foods that have less numbers and preservatives and more real ingredients.

3.Cut out toxic and unreliable relationships:
2015 was a year of ups and downs for the relationships in my life. I became a wife, reconnected with lost family and friends, made new friends and really struggled with others. In recent months I have found myself feeling very unappreciated by some of the people in my life and after many tears and tantrums I have made the decision to embrace the people in my life that make an effort to be involved and to cut the ties with those who take me for granted.

4.Find an exercise I love:
Generally I enjoy exercise, well as much as you can when your laying in a pool of sweat and dying for breathe, but this year I want to find the exercise that really makes me want to get out of bed and kick my butt into gear, whether that be dance workout, kickboxing or whatever else I may try!

5.Start My Family:
This one is pretty straight forward, 2016 will hopefully be the year hubby and I start a family of our own!

6.Blog on the regular:
Another straight forward one, Im hoping to focus a little more time on my blog and on my lovely readers! I’m hoping to hold some giveaways, share a little bit more of my life and loves and hit some more amazing milestones!

& Thats it!

Those are my resolutions for the year 2016.

Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are!

& I truly hope your year is amazing!

Thank you so much for stopping by

Love Always Jess xx


One thought on “Welcome To 2016 – A New Year & New Resolutions

  1. sarahfoord says:

    Good luck hun, I hope 2016 goes as you guys have planned & you get all the happiness.
    Just be careful when “cutting ties”. With my experience – especially with loosing so many “friends” this year, give people the benefot of the doubt.Many people are dealing with more then they’ll ever share (as I’m sure you know). Be honest with people if you feel they’re not treating you right. I can’t count all the selfish people who ignore my messages when I was suicidal because I was too “negative” for them in my toughest moments. I forgave them. Be the bigger person, give them the benefit of the doubt. Cutting people out almost always ends regrettably – especially if theu are percieved as being negative. Be straight with them. 99% of people would appreciate that & I’m sure most would prefer a conversation even if it ends in a goodbye rather than a cut – it can seem cruel, especially if those are so (unfortuntely) involved with themselves to see they’re hurting you or others.
    Have a happy 2016 hun, you deserve it. Did you like the xmas gifts? Hipe to see you soon


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