“Stuck” in a different world

Why Hello there stranger!

Long time no talk.

This post seems all to familiar, as it was not all that long ago that I wrote explaining that my personal life had gotten in the way of my blogging.  And to be honest that is still in place however now that things have fallen into place I am finding myself with more and more time to pursue my personal passions, such as exercising, reading and of course this blog!

I have definitely missed it here.

To give you a little update, My life has had a whole shift into a different orbit at the moment, an orbit that revolves around 2 little people who demand my full attention almost at all times. These little people are my 2 and 3 year old nephews who are quite the handful at times.

Having no children of my own and being thrust into a situation very quickly which now leaves me in partial care of two of them was a surprise and a shock to the system! Learning to understand toddler talk and be able to communicate in the best way – “stuck” is actually our word of the moment – has been somewhat of challenge.

Hence the radio silence of my end!

So now that I am 4 weeks into this routine and have finally started to get the hang of it, I am now trying to inject a little bit of my own passions into my days.

If you are a parent or have younger siblings, or nephews – please feel free to leave from advice!

Thank you so much for sticking with me!

Talk soon I promise

Love Always Jess xx


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