Haircare for healthier hair


Healthy hair is something that we all strive for, whether we have straight, curly, wavy, short, long, thick or thin hair – we all want it to be healthy and look its best despite all the daily wear and tear we put it through.

As someone who is currently growing out my hair and trying to repair all the damage that bleaching and dying has done to it – I have managed to get myself into a routine that has really improved the overall appearance and feel of my hair.

Now a little background, I have fine hair but a lot of it, it has a naturally wavy/curly texture and is fairly strong. It is naturally a dark brown colour and is quite temperamental. As for my hair history, when I was in my teens I loved to experiment with my hair going red, black and even blonde at one point in time. When I got into my late teens I chopped it all off to my shoulders and let it grow naturally. It was only the past 18 months that I changed up more then just my hair cut and added some colour to my strands, I can now officially say I am done with colouring for the time being and I am beginning the process of getting it back to a healthy state which it can grow out.

I have tried every haircare fad under the sun, the co-washing, the no-poo method, the only organic products and the full sulphate products, high-end and of course drugstore and I have found products that word for my hair.

For shampoo and conditioner, I am currently using the Wella professionals colour range – haircare that is targeting towards coloured hair is generally more nourishing and better for coloured/damaged hair. I usually wash my hair twice a week (every 3-4days) and only really because I do a coconut oil treatment on those days. My hair doesn’t tend to be oily otherwise.  I have done a whole post on my love for coconut oil if you want to read it. Otherwise I don’t do a lot to my hair I just let it be natural.

I do have some other tips on how you can get your hair in better condition and I have teamed up with Madison Reed to share some hair myths and bust them!:

1.Wear scrunchies instead of hair ties:
Scrunchies are gentler on the hair then regular hair ties and will cause a lot less damage and won’t tug or pull on your strands.

2.Sleep with your hair in a plait or bun to protect it during sleep:
Putting your hair in a protective up-do while you sleep will prevent it from getting caught   on anything or rubbing too much against your pillow to minimise frizz or damage.

3.Ensure you do protective and restorative treatments regularly:
Everyday life and the wear and tear of the sun, wind, water, dying styling and outside exposures can cause a lot of damage to your hair and you need to ensure you are replenishing it with nutrient rich treatments. I will usually use my coconut oil as an overnight treatment but their are plenty of others you can use.

4.Use hair dyes with more natural ingredients:
Whenever I dye my hair, I always ensure I use colours that have more natural oils and ingredients in them, this means that my hair will be less damaged and be in a much better condition after colouring then if I had used harsh chemicals. Madison Reed have an awesome hair dye advisor quiz that lets you put in all the information about your hair and what you want and gives you recommendations for the hair dye that best suits wha you want!

5.Enjoy you are drinking enough water:
Drinking enough water is crucial for healthy hair, 80% of your body is made up of water, and your hair skin and nails will thank you for it! You will see a dramatic improvement overall if you get your 2L of water a day!

MR Hair Do's and Don'ts .jpg

Growing out your hair and having it get to a healthy condition, especially after its been damaged, is a long process but it is SO worth it when you have shiny and soft locks!

What are your top hair tips for healthy hair?

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to Madison Reed for wanting to work with my on this post!

Have an amazing day

Love Jess

P.S I am not being sponsored by Madison Reed or paid to mention them in this post. All my opinions are my own.


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