The Food Diaries


I – like most girls – have always struggled with my self image, always looking in the mirror  and seeing flaws and imperfections. Over the past few years I have made a conscious effort   to change my diet and try and exercise regularly but I have found over the past few weeks my diet slipping and I find myself snacking on a few more naughty treats then I should be, and unfortunately due to some personal concerns, I have been unable to stick with my regular workout program!

Thus brings me to the introduction of a new series I want to start on my blog “The Food Diaries”. I want to try and share with you my daily eatings on a regular basis, not only to help myself be more accountable for what I am eating, but also so we can share in this journey together! I would love if you have healthy recipe ideas, or even just tips on eating healthier, for you to leave them in the comments.

Otherwise feel free to join me in the food diaries and let me know what you ate on a particular day!

What are your top tips for eating healthy?

Thank you so much for reading!

Have an amazing day

Love Always

Jess xx


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