Missed Opportunities No More

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One of my (and many other peoples) new years resolutions this year is to try and say yes to more things that mean I have to leave the house. To be honest I’m a bit of a homebody and will often REALLY contemplate whether I want to get dressed out- of my pyjamas or my sweatpants- and put on real people clothing before saying yes to anything – but it has been one of my new years resolutions for this year and I am really trying to come through.

I have 4 main goals/ steps that I want to take to achieve this!

  1. Saying yes – if its going out clubbing with the girls or drinks at the local bar with school friends – choosing to say yes to more social opportunities.
  2. Participating more – this is more along the lines of getting involved in more planned social events, whether it be participating in tough mudder or one of the melbourne fun runs – just getting more involved.One of the best ways to find out about social and community events near you is using an event planner to see what is going on where you are from! I found Eventbrite’s event management page  to be really helpful with this – I have found some free events that I was able to really get into!
  3. Making more memories – this is not only participating in social events but trying to plan them myself! whether it be girls night in or a big night out, trying to live a little more!
    and finally
    4.Booking that trip – we actually have a holiday planned in September to Hawaii for a family wedding and I think that its great to book yourself that goal trip and reward yourself and make more memories!

Getting out there more can sometimes be daunting and you really need to start off where you feel most comfortable – but remember that you only live once and you don’t want to spend your life regretting that you missed out on all those events!

Thank you So much for reading!

And thank you so much to Cara from Eventbrite who asked me to participate in writing about GOMO (getting out more often)! I think that I am the perfect example of someone who spends far to much time missing out and have been really trying to make an effort!

What has been your favourite new years resolution this year?

Love Always

Jess xx

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**I was NOT paid for this post and I am truly excited to share it with you – I will not be compensated for this post nor am I affiliated **


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